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 Getting to Know SDCOE: Albert Hernandez Graphic Arts Technician

Albert Hernandez is a graphic arts technician who has been with SDCOE for nearly 25 years.

"Albert is a shining example of a stellar employee who is engaged, motivated, knowledgeable, personable, community and service-minded, and an all-around outstanding team member of the Media and Creative Services department of SDCOE," said Candida Bothel-Hammond, who nominated him.

His artistic skills have touched nearly everyone in the organization, and people have no doubt seen his handiwork across the organization, both physically and digitally.

Albert has been instrumental in supporting the safe reopening of SDCOE sites and schools through his work with designing materials that convey important safety guidance and procedures.

He is known to the people he works with for his high standards, strong work ethic, and friendly nature.

"Albert not only is an exceptional graphic designer, but he is kind and patient," said Sandra Walden, Multilingual Education and Global Achievement.