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 Getting to Know SDCOE: Web Publisher Boosts Efficiency

Joe Hernandez is an integral part of the San Diego County Office of Education's (SDCOE) Learning and Leadership Services team, according to his colleagues. This is part of why he is being honored as SDCOE's Classified Employee of the Month for October.

"Joe is a self-starter and is constantly seeking ways to make our work more efficient," said Dr. Shannon Baker, Curriculum and Instruction. "He is supportive and willing to take on any project put in front of him."

Hernandez is a web publisher with Curriculum and Instruction who has been with SDCOE for 15 years. He said he enjoys working with people from across the organization and knowing he can always count on his co-workers.

A recent project that Hernandez said was rewarding was creating a functional solution for reserving collaborative workspaces. He also recently created an onboarding program for new employees in the Curriculum and Instruction department.

"All of the new employees that have used this system have felt supported and more organized," Baker said.

In his free time, Hernandez enjoys skateboarding, surfing, and making music. He is currently working on recording and producing an album.