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 Getting to Know SDCOE: Custodian Enjoys Making SDCOE Look Its Best

Mario Ruiz is a team player with a positive attitude who enjoys doing all he can to make SDCOE's facilities look their best.

That dedication and attitude is why he was recognized as SDCOE's classified employee of the month for August 2019.

"Mario has an exemplary attitude," said Judy Weil, Library Media Services, who nominated Ruiz. "He is always smiling and always in a good mood."

Ruiz is a custodian with Maintenance and Operations. He has been with SDCOE for three years, starting as a temporary worker and becoming permanent two years ago.

Ruiz said he loves knowing that his work helps make SDCOE's facilities look their best.

"The way I look at things is that it's my job to make people happy," he said. "Every time they look around, I know they have something positive to say about this place."

In fact, Ruiz said he misses work when he's not here, though he keeps himself busy with gardening. He enjoys growing trees and bushes from seed, including bananas, pineapples, and mangoes.

Before he came to SDCOE, Ruiz worked for 30 years doing construction on high-rise buildings downtown.