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 Getting to Know SDCOE: Mobile Maintenance Workers David Descoteaux and Ramon Estrada

David Descoteaux and Ramon EstradaA duo of maintenance workers has been logging lots of miles while solving plenty of problems at San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) sites across the county.

David Descoteaux and Ramon Estrada are mobile maintenance workers who handle repairs and projects at nearly all of SDCOE's sites.

"While the pandemic has caused everything to come to a screeching halt, the buildings still have to have electricity; they still have to have utilities; all of that stuff still has to be maintained," Descoteaux said. "The reason that we're able to open all of this stuff back up is because maintenance workers have been taking care of it all along."

At some sites, they support maintenance workers with SDCOE or a partner organization; at others, they're on their own.

The work covers anything from installing a dishwasher and putting together furniture to repairing lights or plumbing. Depending on needs, they sometimes go to a project together and other times split up to get more done.

Though the team was doing this work before the pandemic, some things have changed over the last year. Not only are there more projects involving rearranging areas to create more safe space but they're also able to do some work more easily than they could before since there aren't people at many of the sites.

They're able to get so much done while staying mobile thanks to a box truck full of materials and tools that they take with them on jobs.

"You don't see us a lot, but you do see the results," Descoteaux said. "That's the world of maintenance."

Knowing that people are able to get their jobs done because of the team's work is very rewarding, he added.

"When I see the student or the teacher happy because we got it done, it's wonderful," he said.