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 Happy School Nurse Day

Today we celebrate School Nurse Day to recognize these hard working specialists for all they do to keep kids healthy.

This celebration is especially important this year, as school nurses are playing an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"School nurses are an integral part of school and district recovery planning," said San Diego County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Gothold. "They lead school health."

School nurses are ensuring students and families have the medication, immunizations, and resources they need to stay healthy and continue learning from home. They are working now to update policies and procedures to adapt to new and emerging health concerns and ensure all students and educators will be safe when they return to the classroom. This includes planning for screening, recovery, social distancing in classrooms, cleaning, and meal times.

"School nurses are a calming force," Corinne McCarthy, school nursing program specialist at the San Diego County Office of Education. "They're a safe person for children to approach with concerns related to everything from mental health to stomach aches, and now pandemics."

Thank you to all the school nurses out there for all they're doing to keep students and the community healthy.