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 Student Spotlight: Coby

CobyThe Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) student representative on the San Diego County Board of Education for September was Coby, a senior at Victoria Community School.

“Coby is always striving to engage in class and grow as an individual,” said Principal Roberto Carrillo. “He has demonstrated a strong commitment to perseverance during COVID-19. Now he is working on his final semester and applying for an internship with the City of San Diego.” 

The team at Victoria has helped Coby find motivation to explore his interests and identify his purpose, which has driven him to set goals and plan for the future. 

“Every staff member I have met from the teachers, administrators, counselors, and specifically Mrs. Aurora, Victoria’s special lunch helper and mother, all supported and impacted me,” Coby said. 

Coby’s goals for the future include continuing his education so he can pursue a career in medicine, become a cardiologist, and support his family. 

He advises other students to take the time to determine what their passions are and what pushes them in life, as it will help guide them in their future. 

Each month, the County Board of Education recognizes a student from JCCS at its regular meeting.

"In addition to giving the board a chance to honor a student, participation in the meeting also gives students valuable experience in leadership," said Dr. Paul Gothold, San Diego County superintendent of schools.