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 Amile, Outstanding JCCS Student, Joins Winners’ Circle

Amile Ahad, a senior in the independent study program at Cuyamaca Prep Community School was recognized by the County Board of Education as this quarter's Winners' Circle award recipient. The award honors Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) students who have made outstanding progress and achievement.

Amile was selected for his dedication and focus on his future success. Principal Valentin Escanuela said that Amile is “one of the most responsible, driven, and punctual students we have ever met.” He comes in each day, focused and ready to learn and complete his assignments.

Teacher Tony Williams said of Amile, “He does his best in everything; if it is playing football in the parking lot or tackling a math problem, he always does his best. He always has a great attitude.”

Amile is enrolled at Cuyamaca Community College and is planning to complete his undergraduate classes in the next two years before transferring to a four-year university. Arizona State, SDSU, UC Santa Barbara, and UC San Diego are tops on his list. He hopes to pursue a degree in psychiatry or criminal justice so that he can join the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit.

He encourages his fellow students not to give up or let anyone tell them “no” and says, “don’t let anyone determine what your future looks like.”

Amile said that he is “so successful and happy at Cuyamaca Prep” that he wants to thank all of the school staff that made it possible for him to be there.

Photo: Amile Ahad with Board President Alicia Muñoz.