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 South County Students Spread Encouragement and Support with Happy Cards

They wanted to spread some joy, just in case someone needed it. 

South County students and counselor in SDCOE parking lotMiguel and Paulina, students at South County Community School, recently created what they called “happy cards” with words of encouragement and placed them on cars at SDCOE’s main campus. 

The students created the cards in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month. The cards had statements of encouragement such as “Never Let a Stumble in the Road Be the End of Your Journey” and “Grow Through What You Go Through” on one side, and the suicide prevention hotline on the other. 

“I feel like if it doesn’t impact everyone, at least a few people could be impacted and it could change their life,” Miguel said.  

“I think people are going to look at the happy message and smile,” said Paulina. “What if they’re having a rough day and they see it and they say ‘oh – someone cares about me.’”

Each year, counselor Jessica Nunez encourages students to do something to recognize mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Miguel and Paulina, who received community service credit for the project, came up with the idea, identified what statements to include, and created the cards. Violeta Mora, program specialist in Student Support Services, suggested they deliver the cards on Check Your Mood Day (Oct. 10), an annual event in which people are encouraged to monitor and assess their emotional well-being. Nunez and principal Roberto Carrillo helped the students get to SDCOE.

“Kindness is free, and I just believe that everyone can do something to make someone’s day better,” said Nunez. “These students are acting on it and making it happen and hopefully setting the tone for their peers.”