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 Student Spotlight: Esmeralda

esmeraldaThe Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) student representative on the San Diego County Board of Education for April was Esmeralda, a senior at Victoria Community School.

“Esmeralda is an exceptional student. Her drive to succeed at everything she sets her mind to is admirable,” said Principal Roberto Carrillo. “She is always on time and completes all of her assignments. She is inquisitive, hardworking, and always has a cool and calm demeanor. She is truly a role model to Victoria students.”

Not only is Esmeralda disciplined at school, but also in her extracurricular activities where she trains and participates in boxing. As she looks forward, Esmeralda hopes to continue her education and pursue a career in accounting and business administration.

She encourages other students to engage in school and ask for help when they need it. 

Esmeralda is grateful for everyone’s support at the school, specifically the teachers whom she feels have challenged her to be a better student and person.

“Esmeralda is like a breath of fresh air,” said teacher Erika Palicki. “She is always ready to learn and challenges herself to do her best at everything she attempts. She is not only a great student but a great classmate to her peers. She truly enjoys learning and teaching others what she has learned and is always ready to lend a helping hand.”

Each month, the County Board of Education recognizes a student from JCCS at its regular meeting.

"In addition to giving the board a chance to honor a student, participation in the meeting also gives students valuable experience in leadership," said Dr. Paul Gothold, San Diego County superintendent of schools.