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 Student Spotlight: Nathaniel

The student representative on the San Diego County Board of Education in April was Nathaniel, a junior at South County Community School.

Nate, as students and staff call him, has only been at the school for five months, but has been quick to make friends and help others. He takes the initiative in morning circles, developing activities that give everyone the opportunity to participate, and brings a positive attitude to the classroom.

“We definitely see a bright future in anything that Nate decides to do,” said South County Principal Roberto Carrillo. “He believes in trying to help students see the other’s point of view, acknowledging that they might not always agree with each other, but should always respect each other’s opinions.”

Nate excels academically, and often helps classmates with difficult assignments. He loves filmmaking and is working with several classmates on a zombie film. He also works after school to help support his family.

Each month, the County Board of Education recognizes a student from JCCS at its regular meeting.

"In addition to giving the board a chance to honor a student, participation in the meeting also gives students valuable experience in leadership," said Dr. Paul Gothold, San Diego County Superintendent of Schools.