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 Supporting SDCOE’s Charter Schools

SDCOE Charter Services team Zoom meeting​In the last few years, the number of charter schools that SDCOE directly oversees has grown from one to nine, which means the need for support has grown too.
That's where SDCOE's Charter Services team comes in.

The department started in late 2018 with Kristin Armatis moving from a role in District Financial Services that involved some charter-related support to become SDCOE's first senior director for charter schools.

More recently the team has grown to include administrative assistant Tara Molina and coordinator Melanie Baier.

The team is largely focused on updating and improving oversight for the schools chartered through SDCOE. They also support local charter schools across the county and the districts that provide oversight. Although the world of charter schools can sometimes be controversial, the team works to remain impartial.

The team's services include technical assistance, professional development, networking, and providing various resources to help them understand the everchanging laws about charter schools. The team tracks legislation and interprets rules, regulations, policies, and procedures related to charter school business functions.

They have partnered with the Legal Services team to host regular webinars about topics such as the Brown Act, special education laws, and public records requests.

By developing best practices for supporting the charter schools overseen by SDCOE, the team is able to share that expertise with districts throughout the county.

"We're looking at where there might be gaps and where we can be a resource," Armatis said.

SDCOE's Charter Schools:

  • Classical Academy Vista
  • Community Montessori
  • Dimensions Collaborative
  • Dual Language Immersion North County
  • Iftin Charter 
  • JCS — Manzanita
  • Literacy First Charter
  • Pacific Springs Charter
  • Scholarship Prep — Oceanside

Photo above: Supporting SDCOE's Charter Schools The Charter Services team is, top from left, Tara Molina and Kristin Armatis, bottom, Melanie Baier.