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 County Trustees Appointed to Sweetwater Board

At a hearing on Friday, May 16, Superior Court Judge Judith F. Hayes granted Sweetwater Union High School District's request to issue an order directing the president of the San Diego County Board of Education to appoint trustees to temporarily serve as members of the Sweetwater Union High School District Board. 

Today, County Board of Education president Susan Hartley appointed four County Board of Education members to serve as trustees to the Sweetwater Union High School District in a temporary capacity. The trustee appointments to the Sweetwater Board will continue until such time elections or appointments occur in accordance with California law. Appointments include:

  • Mark C. Anderson - Anderson was elected to his first four-year term in 2008 and re-elected in 2012. He represents District 4, which includes a large chunk of the county, stretching from Vista to the eastern county line and from Lakeside to the northern boundary.
  • Susan Hartley - Hartley was first elected to the San Diego County Board of Education in 2002. She represents District 5, which runs along the coast from Del Mar to Camp Pendleton.
  • Sharon C. Jones - Jones joined the County Board in 2006 and was re-elected in 2010. She represents District 3, which includes most of the southeastern portions of the county.
  • Lyn Neylon - Neylon was elected to a four-year term on the County Board in 2012. She represents District 2, which includes the southwestern portion of the county from Southern San Diego to the U.S.-Mexico border.

"This decision allows the San Diego County Board of Education and the San Diego County Office of Education to provide whatever services to the district that may be necessary to ensure the smooth operation of its programs," said Hartley. "We have always been focused on supporting the district in educating students."

The court order directing the County Board president to appoint the trustees will allow the district to govern while suspended Sweetwater Board members work through legal issues.

"We are pleased that this situation is closer to being resolved," said Edward Brand, Sweetwater Union High School District superintendent. "This will allow us to get back to what is important, the teaching and learning of students."