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Try Play Math! Out

Convinced you need to try out Play Math in your neighborhood, but need some help with getting started? We've got all the supplies you need that can be borrowed for your event.

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The Big Stuff

Setting up your own booth from scratch? Looking for some of the furniture you need to fill in your space? We're happy to loan out these items for your use or help you locate a local vendor for purchasing your own.

Play Math standing banner
Blue apron
Small stool
Blue canopy
Round tall table
Small square table
Round table cover
Long rectangular table

Play Things

You've got the tables set up and now you just need the things to play with! Each of these items comes with a set of materials designed for a single play math "booth" plus ideas for how to encourage play with the specific item.

21st Century Pattern Blocks
Brick Puzzles
Cuisenaire Rods
Hexagon Frames
Linking-Snap Cubes
Jumbo Dice
Pattern Machines
Original Pattern Blocks
Playing Cards
Unit Cubes
Sum Blox
Prime Climb Room Size


Looking to leave a lasting impression? A printable card can be just the take-away that helps continue the math play long after they leave your event. These templates are available for download and reproduction through Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical 4.0 International License.

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