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Spanish Language and Pedagogy Workshops

Spanish Language and Pedagogy Workshops

During these workshops, which are provided entirely in Spanish, teachers learn new strategies for their language class, while they enrich their own Spanish language use through collegial collaboration in Spanish. Workshops are available for grades 6-8 and 9-12.


  • La enseñanza de la gramática del español en un contexto significativo: During this session, teachers learn strategies to teach grammar and vocabulary in the context of meaningful language activities that support student understanding and use of grammar. 

  • Desarrollo del lenguaje a través de la lectura y análisis de textos: In this workshop, teachers learn a structured process to guide students to read and analyze a text in order to develop language proficiency and reading autonomy.

  • Interacción oral y desarrollo del lenguaje: During this highly interactive workshop, teachers learn how to create opportunities for students to interact, through the use of texts and collaborative tasks, while nurturing a culture of participation and respect.

Main Contact

For more information, please email Eva Pando Solís, Ph.D. at