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Health Services FAQ

Health Services FAQ

Use the pink Student Registration & Health Form to communicate health concerns and relevant information. Review the form for accuracy - the more we know, the better we can support your child. If your child’s health changes after submitting the form, please contact Cuyamaca. Once we receive health forms, we may contact you for clarification. During camp, we call immediately if your child becomes seriously ill or injured. We need to be able to reach you by phone while your child is at Cuyamaca.

  • Illness: If your child is sick, please keep them at home. Please refer to the COVID-19 FAQ form on the Cuyamaca Outdoor School website for questions related to policies and procedures at camp.
    • Medication at camp: We must have a Medication Authorization Form signed by a California M.D., D.O., P.A., or N.P. for all prescription and routine over-the-counter (OTC) medication - no other practitioners are accepted. This is required for allergy medications, nasal sprays, ointments, vitamins, sleep aids, supplements, homeopathics, etc. No medication may be added to the form once signed by the physician.
      • The OTC medications listed on the back of the pink Student Registration & Health Form are available on an as-needed basis only. Please check 'Yes' for permission to administer from the camp supply if needed.
    • Handling of medication: All medication must be in the original containers.
      • No baggies, pill boxes, or pills mixed in a single bottle.
      • Do not send any medication in luggage. All unauthorized medication will be returned to the school.
      • We cannot accept or administer any international medication.
    • Mobility Issues: Crutches are not allowed at Cuyamaca. Please call to discuss options.
    • Trail Safety: We have poison oak and stinging nettle at camp. For student safety and comfort, we require long pants on trails and recommend more than one pair. Capris and leggings are not appropriate for hiking.
  1. My child has asthma and needs to carry his inhaler at all times. Is that okay?

    When students are on campus, their inhalers are available in the Health Center. When off-campus, our staff will carry, make available, and monitor medications for their students. If a student submits written physician-authorized permission to carry, two inhalers must be sent in case one is lost.

  2. My child needs an EpiPen for her allergy, how is that handled at camp?

    Prescribed epinephrine auto-injectors are kept in the Health Center when students are on campus. When off campus, our staff will carry all prescribed, emergency medication labeled with the student’s name, allergy, and course of treatment. All staff are trained in the use of auto-injectors.

  3. My child has issues with bedwetting and is afraid others will find out. What are your procedures?

    Please note this issue on the pink Student Registration & Health Form. We ask these students to select a bottom bunk. Cabin leaders can then easily wake them at specified times to use the bathroom. Some students put on pullups in their sleeping bag and wake early to dispose of them, while others take medication before bed. If an accident occurs, your student must let the cabin leader know. After taking the group to breakfast, the cabin leader will have the soiled bedding laundered and replaced on the bed. We are discreet in all communications and procedures.

  4. My child has never spent a night away from home. Can he call home if he gets homesick?

    Have some practice sleepovers at a trusted friend or relative’s home. Pack a personal item from home like a stuffed animal and include positive and upbeat notes. Avoid telling your child that you will pick them up if they get homesick, as they may then give up too easily. We ask homesick children to talk with their teacher and read letters from other students who survived homesickness while at camp. We do not have them call home on the first night. If their anxiety continues, we call parents and develop a plan that may include a call with the child.

Thank you,

The Health Center Team

Phone: 760-765-4110 FAX: 760-765-3001

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