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Home Visitor Support Program

Program Overview

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) Quality Counts California Home Visitor Support Program is a program that supports home visitors who visit the home to assist families and other primary caregivers in bonding, learning about community resources, and encouraging healthy child development, and positive parenting. Through this program, SDCOE will help home visitors deepen their knowledge of early care and development, how to best educate families about the characteristics of early learning and care environments, and what to know when selecting an early learning setting for their child.

Supports are provided to home visitors in the form of technical assistance, resources, professional development opportunities, a Community of Practice series, and a financial incentive.

SDCOE Support Includes:

  • Resources to support in-depth understanding of children’s development, and best practices for working with children and families
  • Technical assistance to home visitors
  • Access to professional learning
  • Communities of Practice (CoP) designed for home visitors
  • Information on services provided by YMCA CRS, 211, and Community Information Exchange
  • First 5 Kits for New Parents are provided for distribution
  • SDCOE’s “Guide to Selecting Quality Early Care and Education” to assist families with their child care search is provided for distribution.
  • Information on child care subsidies is available to families looking for child care.

Participation Requirements:

  • Agency participates in SDCOE's Quality Counts California Home Visitor Support Program
  • Executed Contract of Home Visitor Program with SDCOE
  • Home visitor has been employed as a home visitor by the same agency for six months
  • Home visitor has a caseload of families

Required Tasks to Receive a Stipend

  • Be employed be a Home Visitor Agency with an executed contract with SDCOE
  • Hold the sole role of Home Visitor for at least 6 months- this is not for teachers or family service providers that conduct home visits
  • Have a current caseload of families
  • Participate in Technical Assistance
Task Entity Responsible Timeline
Attend a Home Visitor Support Program orientation Participating Home Visitor Summer/ Fall 2022
Create a CA Workforce Registry account with a registry identification number Participating Home Visitor 60 days after orientation
Complete an SDCOE QCC Home Visitor Support Program (HV) Stipend Application via the CA ECE Workforce Registry Participating Home Visitor 60 days after orientation
Complete the W-9 form and upload it to the CA ECE Workforce Registry Instructions for completing and uploading your W-9 forms (PDF)
Instrucciones para completar y cargar el formulario W-9 (PDF)
Participating Home Visitor 60 days after orientation

Distribute SDCOE family guide, “Choosing Quality Child Care,” to assist families with their child care search
Choosing Quality Child Care Guide (PDF)
Guia para elegir cuidado infantil de calidad (PDF)

Participating Home Visitor Ongoing
Distribute the First 5 Kits to New Parents as needed Participating Home Visitor Ongoing
Attend and complete a minimum of one Community of Practice Series Participating Home Visitor along with SDCOE staff Ongoing
Collect and maintain data requirements and submit quarterly reports Participating Home Visitor along with SDCOE staff Dec. 1, 2022
Feb. 28, 2023
Apr. 30, 2023

Stipend Application for Participation

Home visitors that are part of a participating agency will apply directly through the CA ECE Workforce Registry. Log into the CA ECE Workforce Registry and click the “Stipends & Pathways” menu option, then select “Application.” The website provides guidance for the application process.

* The stipend is for home visiting participants. If you are not currently a participant and would like to learn more about the program, contact SDCOE for details on how your agency can join. (See contact information below)


Stipend Application Window

The application window opens on August 1, 2022 and closes on Feb. 28, 2023.

Upon approval, home visitors will receive a confirmation email from the CA ECE Workforce Registry.


Stipend Application Status

The CA ECE Workforce Registry has various application status updates. Definitions of each status are listed below:

  • Applied: The application has been received, and further review is needed to determine eligibility.
  • Accepted (NOT YET APPROVED): The applicant completed the Workforce Registry application by (deadline date), and the applicant's employment is verified within the Workforce Registry.
  • Approved: The applicant meets eligibility requirements and has uploaded their W-9 form into the Workforce Registry. Further confirmation is needed to ensure that all deliverables as outlined in the contract were completed before receiving a stipend.
  • Paid: The applicant was approved and completed all deliverables.
  • Denied: The applicant did not meet eligibility requirements and/or did not complete the required tasks on time.
  • Withdrawn: An application will be withdrawn if more than one application is received.


Stipend Payment

Upon completion of the work and submission of all required criteria, eligible participants will receive payment of a stipend in June of 2023. Agencies with signed contracts before July 1, 2022, will qualify to receive half of the award stipend amount in December 2022 and the remaining half in June 2023.  

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