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Alternative Dispute Resolution

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

The East County SELPA Alternative Dispute Resolution services offer voluntary options to help resolve concerns, disputes and issues regarding special education services, programs, and procedures in a collaborative, timely and fair manner.

Why go through the ADR process?

  • Completely voluntary process at no cost
  • Families maintain all rights under Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and California Education code
  • The process can improve communication between families and school team members which can aid in future collaborations
  • Families and school teams have an opportunity to collaborate in finding a resolution in a fair and positive environment
  • Concerns, disputes and/or issues are resolved in a timely manner at a local level.
  • Neutral facilitators are provided when needed

What services are offered through ADR?

  • Parent to parent support in collaboration with Exceptional Family Resource Center
  • Intake Process
  • Facilitated IEP Meeting
  • Solutions Meeting

What does Parent to Parent support look like?

The East County SELPA collaborates with the Exceptional Family Resource Center (EFRC) in ensuring that customized support is provided for families around concerns or issues regarding their child’s special education services. The EFRC team consists of peer-parents who partner with families to serve the needs of the individual child. For more information about what services the EFRC can provide, families can call 619 594 7391, email (English) or (Spanish and other languages) or go online at

What is the Intake Process?

  • Families can reach out to the East County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) to request Alternative Dispute Resolution services through this web-based form, phone at 858-298-2214 or email
  • Families can share their concerns and ask questions.
  • The Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator can assist families in identifying desired outcome and suggest options.
  • Once families have decided on next steps, the Alternative Dispute Resolution coordinator can assist in next steps.

What is a Facilitated IEP Meeting?

A Facilitated IEP Meeting is a formal IEP meeting to address specific concerns and questions. The meeting is led by a neutral facilitator, trained in facilitation and knowledgeable regarding special education procedures.

The facilitators are funded through the East County SELPA to assist parents and school districts when both parties agree to participate in this voluntary process.

The goal of a Facilitated IEP is to have improved communication that will produce a complete IEP that meets the needs of the student. The role of the facilitator is to guide communication, they are not a decision maker in the meeting. They are an impartial facilitator only.

What is a Solutions Meeting?

A Solution Meeting is a meeting with key school district decision makers and the family to resolve complex or high concern issues guided by a neutral facilitator. It is not an IEP team meeting. The process is completely voluntary.

The meeting facilitator is funded by the East County SELPA and is a neutral party who is there to facilitate communication, problem solving, negotiation and resolution.

The goal of a Solutions Meeting is to have both parties work together to create an individualized resolution to disagreement or concern.


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