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Supports and Services

What is a SELPA?

A SELPA is a state-mandated consortium that provides for all the special education service needs of children residing within the regional boundaries. There are approximately 116 SELPA's in California. Each SELPA develops and is governed by a LOCAL PLAN describing how it provides special education services.

The South County SELPA is considered a multi-district SELPA, supporting the following school districts: Chula Vista Elementary School District, Coronado Unified School District, National School District, San Ysidro School District, South Bay Union School District, Sweetwater Union High School District, Davila Day School, and other SDCOE programs. 

What are the responsibilities of the SELPA?

It is the SELPA’s responsibility to assure programs are available for all students with disabilities, from birth until age 22. The SELPA must see that programs provide any needed services for any student with an exceptional need, and to assist in inter-SELPA placements, provide technical assistance, and administrative support for the many requirements of the new laws and requirements being placed on districts.

The SELPA responsibility is met through a network of cooperative agreements among districts and agencies. The SELPA Office coordinates this network and provides a focal point for the student/family seeking information and services.

SELPA responsibilities include such things as:

  • Ensuring programs/services are available for all children with disabilities
  • Curriculum/Program Development
  • Special Education Compliance Assistance
  • Program Coordination
  • Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Support
  • Training for Special Education Information Systems and CALPADS Support
  • Transition Planning
  • Personnel Development
  • Budget Planning and Fiscal Management
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Itinerant Services (Occupational Therapy, Orientation & Mobility, Teacher of the Visually Impaired) 
  • Program Specialists
  • Community Awareness
  • Local Plan and Policy Development
  • Special Education Resource Assistants 

The South County SELPA aims to provide information, resources and support to all South County students, parents, and school staff. Contact our office if you have any questions or need additional information. 

SELPA Governance