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Home Program for Infants and Toddlers

​Early intervention services are provided to children and families according to the Individual Family Support Plan. HOPE staff members design and implement an educational program that addresses the individual strengths and needs of each child and family.

The HOPE instructional staff member assigned to a family schedules home visits as outlined in the support plan. Visits may be weekly, twice a month or monthly, depending on the family's needs. Home visits are usually an hour long, however more frequent service can be provided if determined necessary by the support team.

Based on the support plan, consultant staff (nurse, language specialist, social worker, occupational therapist, physical therapist, deaf/hard of hearing consultant, teacher of the visually Impaired) make home visits to assist the instructional staff and families in meeting the outcomes of the plan. Children requiring more direct service in the speech and language area are served directly by the consultant.

Spanish-speaking staff members are available to provide home program services for families who are more comfortable with the language. Arrangements can be made to utilize a translator if the family is unable to communicate in English or Spanish.