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Introductory Level Professional Development Opportunities

Introductory level workshops provide participants with knowledge of essential areas, and introduces participants to new content. At this time, the following workshops will be held as virtual workshops using Zoom meeting links. Click on dates for registration link.

These virtual opportunities are offered at no cost for our San Diego County Early Learning and Care providers. SDQPI participants will have priority for registration.

We now have more workshops being presented in Spanish! Scroll down to see the variety of trainings available for our Spanish speaking providers.

For a list of additional trainings being offered through YMCA Childcare Resource Services you can visit their website at YMCA CRS R&R Trainings. Also, check out the California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN) calendar of events at Calendar |

Please contact Kelly Slocum at for registration questions.

  • Ages and Stages Questionnaires: Social-Emotional, Second Edition (ASQ: SE-2): Overview (Feb 22)

  • Ages and Stages Questionnaires, Third Edition (ASQ:3): Overview (Feb 2)

  • Balancing It All: The Role Of The Early Childhood Educator (May 4)

  • CPIN: History and Social Science-Becoming a Preschool Community Member (Apr 9)

  • CPIN: Language and Literature-Dialogic Reading (Apr 28)

  • CPIN: Language and Literature-Writing (Feb 4)

  • CPIN: Math Reasoning (Feb 5)

  • CPIN: Physical Development-Active Physical Play (Mar 2)

  • CPIN: Science-Life Science (May 26)

  • CPIN: Science-Scientific Inquiry (Feb 17)

  • CPIN: Social Emotional Development-Relationships (Feb 14)

  • CPIN: Social Emotional Development-Self (May 2)

  • CPIN: Visual and Performing Arts-Dance (Feb 7, Apr 1)

  • CPIN: Visual and Performing Arts-Visual Arts (Apr 19)

  • Culturally Responsive Practices (May 18)

  • DRDP (2015) 3-part series (3-day event begins Mar 15)

  • DRDP Meaningful Observation 2-part series (2-day event begins Jan 292-day event begins Feb 8)

  • Empowering Children as Young Advocates through Universal Design for Learning (UDL) (Feb 23)

  • Inclusion Overview (Feb 22)

  • Instructional Leadership Through A Reflective Process (Feb 9)

  • Overview Learning Environments for Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten (Apr 5)

  • Overview of Learning Environments for Infants and Toddlers: ITERS (Mar 21)

  • PITC Module I: Social-Emotional Growth and Socialization (Feb 4)

  • PITC Module II: Environments For Group Care (Mar 16)

  • PITC Module III: Learning and Development (Apr 21)

  • PITC Module IV: Culture, Family and Providers (May 17)

  • Strengthening Families-Five Protective Factors Framework Overview (Feb 24)

  • Teaching Pyramid PreK Module 1   3-part series (3-day event begins Feb 9)**

Presentaciones de talleres de español

  • CPIN: Practicas Recomendadas para la Colaboracion Familiar y Cultura (Jan 13)

  • CPIN: Desarollo Socio-Emocional-Relaciones (Jan 27Feb 22, May 5)

  • CPIN: Desarrollo del idioma Ingles: Lectura (Mar 14May 21)

  • CPIN: Lenguaje y alfabetización: Vocabulario (Feb 17)

  • CPIN: Razonamieto Matematico (Feb 7)

  • Cultivando Liderazgo (Feb 17)

  • Descripción general de los ambientes de aprendizaje para preescolar y kínder transicional (Feb 15)

  • Descripción general de los ambientes de aprendizaje para bebés y niños pequeños (Apr 20)

**Teaching Pyramid trainings are only available to SDQPI participants whose organization is currently implementing the Teaching Pyramid Framework and require specialized access codes and training binder to register for each module, access codes can be obtained from your SDQPI Support Coach. TP modules must be taken in numerical order.

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