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Early Education Programs and Services

The Early Education Programs and Services Unit provides:

  • Early intervention services to infants/toddlers with special needs birth to three years of age and their families
  • Professional development to support quality early education programs for children birth to five
  • Leadership in developing preschool experiences that are developmentally appropriate and designed to promote school readiness for all children
  • Oversight to Local Child Care and Development Planning Council

Early Intervention is provided through:

Support for Early Education programs includes:

  • Organizing the annual Early Years Conference 
  • Coordinating the State Preschool Directors’ meetings
  • Offering professional development through several grant-funded programs including California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN)
  • Working with the First 5 Commission of San Diego and community/district preschool providers to implement Quality Preschool Initiative (QPI) in San Diego County 

A Parents Guide to Early Education

What services do you need?  Do you qualify vouchers?  Do you know what “quality” looks like? Check out "A Parents Guide to Early Education."