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San Diego Childcare and Planning Council History

In 1991, the United States Congress established a Federal Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) through which each state was allocated funds to assist low income families in obtaining child care and development services.

In the same year Assembly Bill 2141 requested that each county establish a Local Child Care Planning Council to identify priorities for use of CCDBG funds based on the needs of families living within the county. This was a historical turning point for child care. For the first time in California child care history, local communities were given a voice in the appropriation and allocation of child care dollars.

In 1996, the advent of federal and state welfare reform legislation caused the next significant milestone in the Planning Council's history. The new welfare reform legislation had a strong emphasis on moving responsibility to each county to create and to administer welfare programs. This emphasis impacted the role of the Planning Council.

In California Assembly Bill 1542 created a new welfare reform program called California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs). This same legislation also strengthened and further formalized the role of the Child Care and Development Planning Council.

AB 1542 Mandated Tasks

  • Assess and update the child care needs of San Diego County.
  • Develop a consolidated, centralized waiting list for subsidized child care services.
  • Develop local priorities for funding with public input.
  • Development of a comprehensive countywide child care plan designed to mobilize public and private resources to address identified needs.
  • Coordinate part-day programs, including State Preschool and Head Start, with other child care programs, in order to provide full-day child care.
  • Conduct a periodic review of child care programs funding by CDE and CDSS to determine if identified priorities are being met.
  • Collaborate with subsidized and non-subsidized child care providers, county welfare and human service departments, job training programs, employers, integrated child and family service councils, parent organizations, and other interested parties to foster partnerships designed to meet local child care needs.
  • Review and comment on proposals submitted to CDE that concern child care to be provided in San Diego County.
  • Provide consultation to SDE and CDSS regarding the development of a single application and intake form for all federal and state subsidized child care and development services.