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San Diego Child Care and Development Planning Council Committees

The Child Care Planning Council Standing Committees, which do the work of the Council, meet at various times and locations. Members of the community are welcome to join a committee of interest. The Standing Committees and their respective chairs are listed below.

Child Care Plan Committee: is a newly developed standing committee to meet the goals set within the Council's county contract. The Child Care Plan Committee seeks community partners to collaborate on developing a comprehensive child care plan that is broad in scope and meets the needs of San Diego County. 
Chair:  Jennifer Stewart

Executive Committee: Consists of committee chairs, Planning Council officers, and previous Planning Council chair. If a committee has co-chairs, one chair attends to represent their committee. Most action items of the Planning Council are reviewed by the Executive Committee prior to the Council meeting. Committee can take action in an emergency, and the actions are ratified at the next Planning Council meeting.

Chair:  David Sheppard

Needs Assessment and AB212 CommitteeResponsible for conducting a state-mandated county-wide child care needs assessment every five years, as well as other original research on child care issues affecting San Diego County. 
Chair:  Rick Michelson

Public Policy Committee: Reviews state and federal legislation affecting all phases of child care and child development; Informs planning council about upcoming legislative bills, the state budget and legislative issues; Recommends positions (Support, Oppose, or Watch) on state legislation to the council for vote; Planning Council recommendations are forwarded to the County Board of Supervisors and County Superintendent of Schools; Sponsors and/or supports local legislative events including: Legislative Breakfast and Speak Out for Children; Shares educational legislative materials, as appropriate, with the Board of Supervisors, their staff, and County Superintendent of Schools. Collaborates with other local agencies and organizations to share information on current legislative issues. 
Chair: Alethea Arguilez