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Migrant Education Region IX

Migrant Education is a federally funded program authorized under the Every Student Succeeds Act (Title I, Part C) designed to provide supplementary educational and support services to identified migratory children and youth. Migratory children and youth are those who move periodically with their parents/guardians as they do seasonal agricultural work including field/farm work, work in nurseries, packing agricultural products, dairy, lumber, or fishing. Youth on their own doing this type of work and moving periodically also qualify for the program until they receive a high school diploma, or equivalent, or turn 22 years old.

Migrant Education Program Region IX serves all qualifying children and youth in Orange and San Diego Counties and is administered by the San Diego County Office of Education. Currently, Region IX serves approximately 4,000 migratory children and youth (ages 3 to 21) in 56 school districts across both counties.

Migrant Education, Region IX, collaborates with school districts, charter schools, and community agencies to provide supplemental supports and services to ensure equitable educational outcomes and increase graduation rates for migratory children and youth. Region IX also provides substantial parent engagement and training opportunities and works closely with migratory parents to plan and deliver services that best meet the needs of their children.

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