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Celebrate 70 years of outdoor education

 Celebrating San Diego County's Original 6th Grade Camp

The San Diego County Office of Education's 6th Grade Camp is now in its 73rd year! That's more than seven decades days of teaching students to learn about, appreciate, and respect nature, science, and our natural resources. 

Throughout 2016, we celebrated Campiversary - the 70th year of 6th Grade Camp - in myriad ways, from hosting a record-breaking open house to launching a newsletter to share memories and keep supporters informed. And the local media shined a spotlight on camp numerous times! 

We're keeping the momentum going!

Learn more about how we are working to make camp available for all San Diego County students with our new fee schedule. Take a hike down memory lane with our newsletter. Share your stories, pictures, and journals with us if you went to 6th Grade Camp. Get to know the Outdoor Education Foundation, a nonprofit working to fund the 6th Grade Camp experience for underserved students. 

We look forward to another 70 years of connecting kids to science through nature!