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Students studying earth and plant materials

Green Machine

​Since 1998, Green Machine has been provid​ing interactive lessons to help students understand where food comes from and why a healthy environment is important to good nutrition.

A standards-based field trip that comes to your school, Green Machine is a unique teaching model guiding students through three experiential "seed-to-table" learning stations that reinforce classroom learning. Created with the insight and help of the San Diego Farm Bureau, students learn about healthier food choices, get a greater understanding of natural systems and use scientific concepts in a real-world situation.

Green Machine stations include:

  • Soils Science Station demonstrates how earthworms and microorganisms play a role in growing our food.

  • Integrated Pest Management Station illustrates the difference between insects that are beneficial and harmful to crops, as well as how to manage the balance of nature to maximize food production.

  • Water Cycle Station showcases how all water on earth is connected in some way.

Who is it for?

The curriculum is designed for students in kindergarten through 4th grade and is aligned with California Science Content Standards (PDF).

How much does it c​ost?

The Green Machine can serve up to four one-hour classes of 30 students at your site. Please call 619-491-3183 for current pricing and to schedule.​

How do I sign up?

Call the Outdoor Education outreach office at 619-491-3183.

Green Machine Photo Slideshow

Students dig through compost looking for worms, listen to teacher instruction, and raise hands to answer a question.