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Marine Science Floating Lab anchored at a dock off San Diego Bay

Marine Science Floating Lab

Click here to see the program in action!

The Marine Science program is a half-day field trip conducted in the San Diego Bay on a boat outfitted with oceanographic equipment specifically for student use. All marine science activities incorporate major components of the state science framework. The curriculum includes: 

Incorporating hands-on learning and major components of the state science framework, students participate in teams, manipulating oceanographic equipment, making observations, and gathering data and specimens from the ocean and sea bottom. Marine Science Floating Lab provides students the opportunity to learn about oceanography with actual observations and experiences on the bay as well as to study marine organisms in their offshore habitat.

Who is it for? Students excited to study marine organiisms on deck

These extended marine science activities are designed for students in grades 2 through 12. The curriculum can be modified to serve all grade levels upon request.

How much does it cost?  

This program will serve a maximum 40 people (including students, teachers, aides, volunteers, etc.). 


  • AM Boat (8:30-12:30) - $750
  • PM Boat (1:00-5:00) - $710
  • TWI Boat (5:30-9:30) - $710

How do I sign up? 

"Marine Science Floating Lab is my favorite field trip! I loved learning about the ocean and using the science tools to do research."

--Emma, 2nd Grade, Benchley-Weinberger Elementary

Marine Science Floating Lab Slideshow