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science outreach programs

Science Outreach Programs

Join our educators on scientific journeys that explore our manazing and dynamic natural world!

Splash Science Lab

Green Machine

Curious Cephalopods

Krazy Kelp Forest

Geology Rocks

SDCOE's Science Outreach programs provide students the opportunity to examine scientific phenomena and principles through innovative, inquiry-based, standards-driven activities.  These programs engage your students from our virtual learning space or at your school site.  The virtual learning option mirrors the content and level of engagement of the school-site programs. One to four-hour block schedules are available to Kindergarten through Eighth grade classes throughout the county.

Our Science Outreach programs align with SDCOE's Board goals, which include the goal to provide educational opportunities and supports to SDCOE schools and school districts so that all students, including our historically underserved students, are successful.