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Transcript for REI presents “Should I send my Child to Outdoor School?”

Narrator – "Today's kids live in a world where technology is everywhere.  But are they missing something more fundamental, more natural?"

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Narrator – "Since 1946 the San Diego County Office of Education has been connecting kids to the outdoors providing lessons that are best learned in the natural world. 

At the Cuyamaca Outdoor School more than 3 generations of San Diegans have proven that when children have a chance to learn in a natural environment they gain confidence improve their social skills and actually do better when they return to the classroom."

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Narrator – "At Outdoor School modern school lessons in science, physics and astronomy become real world adventures.

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Greg Schuett, Principal Cuyamaca Outdoor School - "They are learning the science concepts that are taught in their school required by the states science frameworks.  They are going to learn more in this one week they would probably learn in their science classrooms in one month."

Narrator – "For many students, this is the first time that they are apart from their family.  This is especially true for families who may see sending their child away from home even for a short time as an unwanted separation rather than as a unique opportunity for that student to learn and grow."

Cynthia Gonzalez – Former Student – Cuyamaca Outdoor School  - "My mom was very very like nervous about it.  She wasn't sure it is was safe for me to go.  There's absolutely no reason to be worried because there wasn't a moment that we weren't being taken care of.  I saw so many things that I couldn't imagine I would see.  It was just amazing."

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Narrator – "Parents are welcome at the Cuyamaca Outdoor School to meet the caring staff and to see for themselves the amazing things that happen when children are encouraged to learn from nature.  Remember, there was a time when all of life's most important lessons were learned from nature.  Those lessons are still being learned today at the historic Cuyamaca Outdoor School."