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Transcript for "See how Target is supporting Outdoor Education" Video

Narrator – "You might ask why these Target employees are spending the day in the woods.   It's all about education.  Since 1946 Target has given 5% of its income to support education, the arts, social services and volunteerism.  And today they are giving to Camp Cuyamaca Outdoor School."

Target Employee – "Actually, it brings back a lot of memories.  I still have a lot of my friends that I met in 6th grade camp.  We still keep in contact." 

Narrator – "There's a lot to be done in this day.  From sandpapering a stage, landscaping, and refinishing rooms these people really get their hands dirty."

Greg Schuett, Principal-Cuyamaca Outdoor School - "Target has been an amazing corporate sponsor and they're working so hard today.  It's been just phenomenal watching all these people helping to make Outdoor School the best that it can be."

Narrator – "And as the day goes by and more work gets done, it's obvious these Target workers are getting some enrichment themselves." 

Dr. Randy Ward, Superintendent-SDCOE - "Target understands that education is the cornerstone of community and they really embrace it.  And this partnerships with the San Diego County Office of Education shows that they know how to live it."

Narrator – "And for Target, it's more than writing a check.  It's making a lasting impact on the community and impacting its own employees who are part of that community. "

Sharon Jones – President-SDCOE BOE - "I grew up in the out of doors.  I know Outdoor Education and how important it is and this is going to be fabulous for the kids."