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Expanded Learning Site Visits

​The Resources & Technical Assistance Center for Expanded Learning Programs provides quality technical assistance to all ASES, 21st CCLC, and 21st CCLC ASSETs programs in Region 9. Our goal is to assist you in providing quality services to the children, families, and communities that you serve.

Site Visits—What You Should Know (PDF)
The primary purpose of a site visit is to observe the development and implementation of your expanded learning program and provide you the opportunity to reflect on and discuss your work, review your practices, and problem solve collaboratively while working to move toward the achievement of your program’s vision.

As part of the site visit, our team will be completing a site visit form that will be shared with both you and the school district expanded learning program administrator before it is submitted to the California Department of Education. This information is used to assist you in achieving your program vision and goals, as well as a guide to determine promising practices, areas of improvement, and how to proceed with additional technical assistance or staff development needs.