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Friendship School's Multi-Sensory Environment

What is a Multi-Sensory Environment?

A multi-sensory environment (MSE) is a room that brings multi-sensory equipment into a designated space to stimulate the senses in a calming environment. It aims to provide a “failure-free” experience, allowing pleasurable stimulation without the need for verbal, cognitive, or physical abilities. The focus is to help the student gain maximum pleasure from the sensory activity they are involved in.

Each student is allowed the time and opportunity to experience the equipment in the MSE at their own pace.  MSEs help change behavior, increase focus and attention, and add to the feelings of positive self-esteem and well-being.

What will you find in our MSE?

Our MSE is a white space containing a 6 ft. switch-activated bubble tube, mirrored walls, fiber optic light sprays, therapeutic heated waterbed, aromatherapy machine, interactive light dome, H20 light, a projector that casts slow-moving images and colors onto the walls and ceiling, fiber optic light curtain, a vibrating heated mattress, mirrored balls, tulle-lined ceiling, textured reflective wall panels, huddle cushion, interactive light balls, sensory kit, bean bags, various multi-textured positioning equipment, and calming music.