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​North Inland Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is comprised of parents, community members, and school staff from the ten districts within the North Inland Special Education Region (NISER). The members of the CAC all have a particular interest in providing quality special education services to students with disabilities.

The primary purpose of the CAC is to provide input on the Local Plan (the document that describes services in the region). However, the CAC meetings may also include information and updates on the law, demonstrations or information about special programs, budgets, resources, events, etc. When you come to a CAC meeting, you can ask questions, get information, express your opinions, and get to know the people who make decisions about special education.

To join the CAC, please contact your district administrator. The members of the CAC are appointed to a two-year term by the local school boards to represent the districts. Visitors are always welcome at the CAC meetings.