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Davila Day School classroom students

South County SELPA

The South County SELPA coordinates special education program development and student placements for more than 11,000 students from birth through age 22. We operate in the southern region of San Diego County and member districts include the elementary and high school districts of Coronado, Chula Vista, National, San Ysidro, South Bay, and Sweetwater. According to, this office's governance structure includes an operations committee, which is comprised of district special education directors, and a superintendents' council, represented by member district superintendents. Through regular meetings, and with the work of select committees, policies, procedures, and guidelines are developed for the identification, assessment, and placement of students. The SELPA is responsible for monitoring compliance with state and federal mandates.

Services to local school districts, parents, and educational communities include:

Special Education Compliance Assistance

The San Diego South County SELPA offers conflict resolution related to special education compliance and placement issues for LEAs and other agencies. Problem-solving, student-specific disputes between parents and San Diego South Districts can often be resolved by providing suggestions and options to avoid state mediations, due process hearings, and/or compliance complaints.

Behavioral Consultation

Positive Behavioral Support is a method of working with students with challenging behaviors that has been strongly supported by recent research. The method involves analyzing the environment in which a student exhibits problem behaviors to determine environmental, skill, and reinforcement changes that may help that student be more successful in that environment. The SELPA consults with districts through direct consultation or by professional development opportunities.

Fiscal Management

The SELPA is responsible for the management, distribution and accounting of all special education funds which are allocated to Local Education Agencies within San Diego South County. The SELPA Senior Director coordinates ongoing review of the SELPA's funding allocation plan. Contact the SELPA office for more information.

IDEA Implementation

IDEA 2004 has made significant changes which impact the way that parents, teachers, and administrators go about the important work of ensuring quality education and early intervention for children with disabilities. The SELPA provides support to schools and parents to assist them in implementing these changes in the law. Contact the SELPA office for more information. 

Interagency Coordination

The San Diego South County SELPA coordinates the development and implementation of interagency agreements to ensure the provision of services to special education students by other agencies. Agreements are developed with County Mental Health, California Children's Services (CCS) and San Diego Regional Center.

Local Plan and Policy Development

The San Diego South County SELPA coordinates the development and implementation of the Local Plan and all policies relating to the provision of special education services within San Diego South County SELPA. Activities also include the development of procedures, guidelines and required forms and documents. Contact the SELPA office for more information. 

Low Incidence Equipment and Services

California provides funds to purchase specialized books, materials, and equipment as required under the individualized education program for each student with low incidence disabilities. Low incidence disabilities are defined as hearing impairments, vision impairments, severe orthopedic impairments, or a combination of these impairments. 

California Special Education Management Information System (CASEMIS)

The SELPA collects and analyzes all special education student data in the SELPA. The SELPA also provides technical assistance and support to coordinate all CASEMIS functions. 

Staff Development/In-service Training

The San Diego South SELPA provides Staff Development and In-service Training for regular and special education teachers, administrators, parents, paraprofessionals, school psychologist, language, speech and hearing specialist and support staff in many areas. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Assistive Technology Services
  • Autism/PDD/Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Eligibility & Handicapping Conditions
  • 504 Plans
  • Full Inclusion
  • IDEA and the IEP, including parents’ rights and eligibility
  • Instructional Strategies for academically diverse learners
  • Positive Behavioral Support
  • Speech and Language Issues
  • Strategies in Due Process
  • Student Study Teams (SST) Program

OT Coordination Services

The SELPA supports districts in the coordination of school-age OT services. The SELPA employs Occupational Therapists, which provide support to member districts.​

Resource Parents​​​​​

Resource parents provide information, resources, and support. They have extensive training to help parents of students with disabilities. They can assist you in understanding your child’s needs, offer support, and collaborate with you and your school district. If you are interested in these services, you can download and complete this referral form (PDF)​. Forms can be returned to our resource parents, Liliana Armenta and Laura Cervantes​.