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Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support

Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support takes parent engagement to the next level. In serving the whole child, it is important to work with them in the context of their family. When we engage the family, outcomes are better for students. 

A full-day certification training is offered at SDCOE on the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support. This training details 9 Principles of Family Support and the Strengthening Families Approach, with its evidence-informed 5 Protective Factors, can be applied together to enhance your work with families. Whether you are setting up a new parent/family engagement program or strengthening an existing one, the standards provide a blueprint for implementing best practice. 
Participants are highly encouraged to come in teams as school staff and partner agency staff, as each has a key role to play in implementing the standards effectively.  

This workshop is typically offered at SDCOE two times each year, generally in the fall and winter months. We also encourage school districts to contact us to arrange training specifically for their school teams.



For more information regarding Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support, please contact:

Heather Nemour
Project Specialist