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History of School Nursing

“The practice of school nursing began in the United States on October 1, 1902, when a school nurse was hired to reduce absenteeism by intervening with students and families regarding health care needs related to communicable diseases. After one month of successful nursing interventions in the New York City Schools, Lina Rogers, the first school nurse, was able to provide leadership to implement evidence based nursing care across the city. The school nurse’s role has expanded greatly from its original focus, the essence and goals of the practice remains the same.” 

NASN Position Statement — Role of the School Nurse (2011)

An Article School-Nurse Experiment in New York was published in The American Journal of Nursing in 1902. It begins with “The Nurses’ Settlement of New York is at present conducting the experiment — in cooperation with the Board of Health and the Board of Education — of introducing a trained nurse into the public school system to work in conjunction with the medical inspector of the Health Board who inspects and excludes cases of infectious troubles among children.”  

This begins the formal history of school nursing in the United States. However there is much more to the story, read more here.