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School Health Manual

The San Diego School Health Manual is intended to be an overview of school nursing and school health practice in our county, many of the California mandates and relevant laws, common issues and currently available resources. It is not meant to replace or replicate the body of knowledge captured by national experts in the field. 
School districts are encouraged to utilize this resource in support of their school nursing and school health services program. 
This online school health manual is built upon the hours and hours of work put forth in developing previous versions of the San Diego School Nurse Handbook. A sincere thank you for the contribution of the many nurses and professionals who have helped with past versions, and who have added their professional knowledge and writing expertise to this online version. 

Allergies/Anaphylaxis (PDF)

Asthma (PDF)

Blood-borne Pathogens (PDF)

Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) (PDF)

Child Protection (PDF)

Communicable Diseases

Dental/Oral Health Assessments (PDF)

Diabetes (PDF)

Epilepsy/Seizures (PDF)

First Aid

Head Injuries/Concussions (PDF)

Head Lice (Pediculosis) (PDF)

Immunizations (PDF)

Influenza (Flu) (PDF)

Medication (PDF)


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