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School Nurses Mailing List

‚ÄčSchool Nurse Mailing List

Here is an opportunity to network, share information, pose questions, voice concerns, get feedback. It's easy to join; all you need is an email address. Consider joining both at home and at school so you don't miss out. Follow the directions to subscribe and you will receive an email whenever a member communicates to the "list."

How to Subscribe

  • Please send a request to Jeanne Salvadori for addition to the school nurse mail list.
  • When subscribed, you will receive a confirmation email and then a monthly reminder about your mailing list membership. It includes your subscription information and how to change information or unsubscribe from the list.

To Post a Message to the List

  • To post a message to the list send an email to
  • Be sure to enter a subject title for the email.

To Reply to a Message

  • To reply to a message to the entire list it is necessary to start over and post a new message (see To Post a Message to the List). Be sure to reference the subject title you are replying about. (This is probably different from other lists to which you belong. The system was set up this way so that people wouldn't send personal replies to the entire list unintentionally.) Please remember to take the extra step to send a new message when you are replying to the list. It is always beneficial for the entire group to read responses to an individual's questions or concerns.
  • If your reply message is intended to be personal, meant only for the original poster, you may simply hit "Reply." Only the poster will get the message.

List Rules of Etiquette

  • Don't send large attachments. Some people have limited space in their email accounts.
  • Always use a subject title for your postings.