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Elementary students in classroom

School Nursing

The School Nursing Services Program Coordinator provides countywide school-nursing leadership, consultation, and direction for implementation and development of coordinated school health programs. Services include:

  • Providing local school nurses and other agencies with updated research and current information on school health issues.
  • Serving as liaison and resource in school nursing and school health program areas for local school health providers and policy setting groups in collaboration with other county consultants.
  • Supporting outreach to and enrollment of uninsured students and their families with other agencies, healthcare organizations, and school districts.
  • Collaborating with school nurse leaders from all school districts within San Diego County to establish standards and protocols for student health care.
  • Conducting monthly School Nurses Resource Group Meetings with local school nurse leaders to provide factual and timely information and develop standards and protocols for school health practice.
  • Serving as a resource to small school districts to increase access to health-related information, services, and health care providers.


The five-day School Nurse Orientation and Review series is offered to new and newer school nurses at SDCOE once per year, starting in early fall and ending early winter. This crash course in school nursing offers an overview of many aspects of school nursing. Topics including school immunization requirements, mandates, individualized health care plans, caring for students with special health care needs, and much more. Other workshops are offered covering a variety of topics of interest to schools nurses and others who may be interested.

Other Workshops Offered

  • STD/HIV Overview for Educators (CA Department of Public Health)
  • Managing Students with Seizures (Epilepsy Foundation)
  • Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals (CA Highway Patrol)