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Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program and Homeless Education Services

The Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program and Homeless Education Services Unit responds to, assists, and empowers all systems that support students who are in foster care or are homeless. 

We are funded by California Department of Education, The United States Department of Education as well as other funding sources. This unit is primarily located at the Casey Family Programs Youth Transition Center in Old Town with School Success Liaisons co-located and out-stationed county-wide within Health and Human Services Agency, Child Welfare Services offices. 

The unit's programs represent a partnership among San Diego County's key stakeholders focused on improving the educational outcomes of children and youth in foster care and those on probation ages 4 to 21, regardless of placement type,  as well as those students and families who are experiencing homelessness. 

The Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program Executive Advisory Council represents school districts, community colleges, child welfare services, probation, juvenile court, advocacy agencies, and substitute care providers, who oversee the development and implementation of all programming. These agencies work in close partnership with us to strengthen and enhance services to students in foster care. In addition, we coordinate services and provide support to the McKinney Vento Homeless Education Liaisons and to homeless students and their families in our region's school districts.  

Upcoming Events, Meetings and Trainings:

Mailing Address: 6401 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, CA 92111

Physical Address: 3878 Old Town Avenue, Suite #200, San Diego, CA 92110

Mindy Kukich, MSW
Coordinator, Foster Youth and Homeless Education Services