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Foster Youth and Homeless Education 

Resources for San Diego County districts and schools working with students who are in foster care and/or experiencing homelessness. 

Foster Care



Resources to Plan and Prepare for College

List of College Liaisons to Support Students in Foster Care: Foster youth support programs go by various names including Next Up, Guardian Scholars, Renaissance Scholars, or others.

College Support Services for Students in Foster Care

San Diego College Support Services for Students in Foster Care

Apply for College

Apply for Financial Aid

California Financial Aid Resources

Scholarship Information

Housing Information


Trauma Informed Practices for Schools


  • A Guide to Understanding and Coping with Compassion Fatigue - This resource describes how actively paying attention to what's going on at home and abroad can help ensure you are an informed citizen who is well positioned to lend a helping hand when needed.
  • Calmer Classrooms: A Guide to Working with Traumatized Children- This informational booklet provides teachers and educators with tools to effectively work with students impacted by trauma, particularly those who have experienced abuse and neglect. Includes strategies involving relationship-based approaches to handle conflicts in classroom settings.
  • Child Trauma Toolkit for EducatorsProvides information for educators, parents, and caretakers. In addition, this includes an overview of psychological and behavioral impact of trauma separated by grade level.
  • Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for Creating a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom- Based on research and the author's experience working with trauma-affected students, this book will help you understand what trauma is and how it hinders learning, motivation, and success for all students. Strengths-based approaches and solutions to building relationships are explored in detail.
  • Helping Traumatized Children Learn- This publication authored by the Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative, describes the impact of trauma on learning and proposes a policy agenda. 
Recommended Websites
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention- Provides information on the Adverse Childhood Experiences study along with links to statistics and related publications.
  • Child Trauma Academy- A non-profit organization that translates emerging findings about the human brain and child development into practical implications for the ways we educate children.
  • Sesame Street in Communities- Provides educators with videos, lessons, printables, and other tools to teach children strategies to cope with traumatic experiences.
Self-Care for Educators and Providers