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Tutor Connection

​​Tutor Connection is a community based program which provides high quality tutoring to youth currently in or emancipated from foster care in San Diego County.

These Youth are referred to the program by social workers, case managers, court appointed special advocate (CASA), attorneys, judges and caregivers. The program goals are two-fold: (1) to assist foster youth in overcoming educational obstacles. (2) To inform future teachers about the unique needs of foster youth, and provide them with information on the Child Welfare System.

Tutors in Tutor Connection are students enrolled in a teacher education course within the College of Education at California State University, San Marcos. The course is designed as a service learning course, with the tutoring as a component of Community Service Learning. Students are graded on course work and the service learning project. The course is co-taught by a university professor and a FYS program staff member. Curriculum includes instruction on tutoring from an educational framework and is complemented with information about trauma, abuse, neglect, foster care, professional boundaries, behavioral management and the laws related to the education of students in foster care. Youth and caregivers are fully informed of the voluntary nature of the Tutor Connection program. Participants (youth and caregivers) are required to attend an orientation during which their commitment to this program is explained and agreements to participate are signed. The youth and their caregivers make a commitment to participate for a full semester. The guideline for tutoring is two sessions per week totaling three hours per week. Tutoring takes place in the home, after school program,​​ or a public library.